Transformation Counselling - Relationship and sex therapy for couples and individuals
 Psycho Sexual Therapy
Sex therapy can help you if you are experiencing difficulties in your love life, whether you are stuck in a rut, experiencing a physical problem or stopped having sex altogether.
Transform your sexual relatiolnship
Lots of couples go through periods where they don’t have the time or energy for regular sex. If this has become the norm then a sex therapy programme is right for you. 
It’s natural to want a better sex life, don’t be embarrassed about it, get some expert help.

Psycho sexual therapy is a specialist skill and is known as PST. Cognitive behavioural approach (CBT) is used to explore the physical and emotional issues that are causing distress, there will be an extensive look at each persons history to build up a picture of where and when the problem began, what factors are keeping you stuck and how best to change behaviour, thoughts and feelings to create new experiences and patterns. 

In addition your relationship will benefit from the focus on and commitment to change your sexual relationship which is so easy to ignore. 

Whether young or old it's time to change old patterns and get more out of your sex life! see FAQs and Contact Me to book an appointment today.
"My wife said her wildest sexual fantasy would be if I got my own apartment "

Rodney Dangerfield in Brett Kahr's Sex and the Psyche 

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