Transformation Counselling - Relationship and sex therapy for couples and individuals

Relationship Counselling for singles and couples in Surrey
More satisfying relationships
Going through change, adjustment, crisis such as an affair, or just experiencing a dilemma that is difficult to resolve?

Do you wonder why your relationship is causing you so much pain and whether you will ever be happy in a relationship? 

If so you are not alone. Many people struggle with these difficulities for years without ever finding the answers that lead them to a happy and fulfilling relationship or marriage. When people encounter difficulties in their lives this often affects their relationships as well.

The foundation of my approach is to focus on communication patterns, and how these patterns create repetitive cycles which are familiar, but difficult to break. It is possible to move forward with new patterns of thought, feelings and behaviours which can end your relationship struggles and lead to more harmony and satisfaction together. 

I will help you become more self aware and build the communication  skills you need to connect with and resolve differences more easily that you expected with your partner.  
Whether young, old or in a same sex relationship, it's never too late to sort out your relationship. Go to FAQs and Contact Me to book an appointment today, use Transformation Counselling to help you get the best out of your relationship and sex life.
Marry and with luck
it may go well.
But when a marriage fails
those who marry live at home in hell.
 - Euripides,408 b.c.

 Twelve years doesn't mean you're a happy couple. It just means you're a long couple !

Neil Simon. The Odd Couple