Transformation Counselling - Relationship and sex therapy for couples and individuals
Welcome to couple and individual counselling in Surrey including Cobham, Horsley, Leatherhead, Dorking and Effingham areas
About Counselling 

It is normal to experience difficulties at certain times in your life; a crises in your relationship, the discovery of an affair, a dwindling sex life or a sexual problem that is embarrassing or ignored.

Sarah Doherty; counsellor and sex therapist
Other personal circumstances such as redundancy, death of a close relative, divorce or even a new relationship can throw up challenges and issues that you didn't even know existed and can leave you feeling isolated, confused, depressed or even angry.
Or you simply face a cross roads in life, either way I can offer you independent, safe and caring support to discuss your choices and explore your feelings. I believe relationships are important to all of us, so the relationship I have with my clients is crucial to the process of me supporting them through difficult times and helping them move forwards.

Individual Counselling 

Individual counselling
All sorts of people come to counselling with a diverse number of issues from death of a loved one to redundancy. It may be the right time in your life to stop struggling alone and transform your life, yourself and future. 

My approach is integrative and holistic which means I use the right approach tailored to your individual needs to help you build your self esteem and the emotional skills to help you cope and move forward.  I have extensive experience of helping people in many situations, giving them a lifeline they didn't expect.